YK-II 平板玻璃蒙砂粉

YK-II glass frosting powder takes hydrochloric acid as
the media in the production. The powder can almost be
used to frost the flat glass, glass wares, glass blocks and
other glass products. The frosting solution is stable, the
technology is easy to master, the effect feels smooth and
delicate, which brings the quietness and freshness instantly into the fast modern life; the frosted glass production gives off little pungent air in the process, which reduces its harmness to environment and human-beings.


Add 5kg of hydrochloric acid (36%) to 10kg of frost powder,
mix it well and place it for 24 hours, and mix it fully again
before use.


The clean glass→submerge it into the solution for 1-3
minutes, then take out→wash it with clean water→dry it.


至: 郑州豫科玻璃技术有限公司
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