YK 玻璃蒙砂粉

YK Acid based glass frosting powder is an acid based material used to process the glass products, such as glass bottles, flat glass, borosilicate glass, glass lamps, etc., it can make the glass surface more elegant and obscurer, which improves its value and makes the frosted glass much more welcomed on the world market.
Mix the powder with the corresponding acid well in the plastic container and stir well.
Production process:
Clean glass product→ immerse in the frost liquid → remove →wash with clean water→ wash with liquid cleanser→ rinse→ dry.
The frost powder should be kept in dry and ventilated
place to avoid moisture.
Brand name: Yuke
Package: 25kg/bag
Payment: T/T
Shipment: FOB or according to the clients’ requirement.


至: 郑州豫科玻璃技术有限公司
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