Antimony trioxide(Sb2O3)

IntroductionThe antimony trioxide is a kind of white fine powder,Website:, the structure is cubic crystal. The main application is as flame retardant synergist in combination with halogenated materials(such as DBDPE、chlorinated paraffin),the combination of the halides and the antimony can greatly increase flame retardant effect, when fire occur, will produce a large proportion of in the combustion process,the antimony trioxide can dilute combustible gas and air concentration.AS coating,the antimony trioxide can insulated heat and separate base materials and air, and it is a kind of free radical trap,in this dissolve process,it has a strong endothermic effect.This type product can be widely used in PVC, PE, PP, PS, ABS, PU, PUR, rubber, synthetic fibre, paint and paper etc as flame retardant. Matched formula will make the end product meet the flame rating V-0 requirement or more than oxygen index 30.This type product also can be used in glass industry,as glass clarify agent.Index:ItemIndexChemical formula:Sb2O3English name:Antimony trioxideMolecular weight:292Sb2O3 %99.80As2O3%0.05PbO%0.08Fe2O3%0.005CuO%0.002Se%0.004White94Mean diameter(um)0.7—1.2Note: Provide different design solutions according to requirement of customers.Packing and storage:Net 25KG/ paper bag with inner plastic bag, stored in dry and cool place.


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