cadmium selenide red pigments for plastic,ceramics glaze P.R.108

Quick Details

  • CAS No.: 58339-34-7
  • Other Names: pigment red 108
  • MF: CdS.CdSe
  • Place of Origin: Hunan, China (Mainland)
  • Usage: Coating Pigment,Ink Pigments,Plastic & Rubber Pigment,Leather Pigments,Glass, Masterbatches, Enamel,Printing ink,Nylon.
  • Brand Name: De Ruo
  • Type: Cadmium metal
  • Style: Inorganic Pigment
  • color: red powder
  • CAS: 58339-34-7
  • density: 4.7-5.1
  • light fastness: 7
  • weather resistance: 5
  • oil absorption: 16-23


    Cadmium Se Red Pigments
    1.High-temperature resistance
    2.High light fastness resistance
    3.Acid resistance
    4.Alkali resistance


    Cadmium Red Pigments


    1. Product Information:

    Color Index: P. R. 108 (77202)

    Chemical Name: Cadmium Red

    Chemical Composition: CdS·CdSe / CdS·HgS

    CdS·CdSe·BaSO4 / CdS·HgS·BaSO4

    CAS Number : 58339-34-7


    2. Product Characteristics:

    Red Powder,ororless, non – solube in water, alkali, organic solvents, slightly solube in diluted hydrochloric acid, solube in concentrated acid and Emits virulent gas H2Se and H2S.This product is non-flammable, non-corrosiveness, non-explosion hazard.
    Cadmium Red is characteristics of its high tinting strength, bright color,excellent light fastness, weather fastness and hiding powder, non Migratory, non bleeding. Cadmium Red color is very bright, its color shades from yellowy red to bright red till deep red.With increased Content of CdSe, the red color will become more stronger and darker . Filled Cadmium Red not only with less manufacturing costs, but also increased its properties in some aspects. Such aspects as lower gravity and oil absorption, and better dispersion in organic mediums.

    3. Advantages:

    High-temperature resistance

    High light fastness resistance

    Acid resistance

    Alkali resistance

    Weather resistance

    Easy to disperse




    4. Main Technical Data :

    Light Fastness (Grade 1-8) : 7 

    Weahther Fastness (Grade1-5 ) : 5

    Residues on 400 mesh seive % : ≤0.1

    Oil Absorption g/100g  : 16-23

    Density g/m3 : 4.7-5.1

    Water-soluble material % : ≤0.2

    Moisture % : ≤0.2


    5. Application:

    Cadmium Red are ideal red pigments for applications of enamelware and glass industry. It can be  widely used in applications of plastics, masterbatches, ceramics, coatings, rubber, leather , artist colors as well as construction materials. 
    Our Cadmium Red are almost suitable for all resins and plastics colors. Includes: ABS Plastics, POM, ammoniumaldehyde, fiuoro-plactics, nylon, polyamide, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, epoxy, PUR Polyurethane, UP Unseturated polyester,organic glass (PMMA), crude rubber and silicone rubber,etc. 


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