Stainless Steel Coupling Union Nipple

Stainless Steel Coupling Union NippleStainless steel coupling, stainless steel union, and stainless steel nipple all play the role in connection. Jiangsu Sheye Metal is a leading manufacturer specialized in producing stainless steel coupling, stainless union, and stainless nipple. With Strong technical force, advanced equipment and skilled craftsmanship, Sheye Metal can supply various types of stainless steel pipe fittings and good quality is guaranteed. Various steel grades stainless steel coupling, union, and nipples are produced with complete specifications and supreme quality. Sheye Metal has fine equipment and complete quality management, establishes modern quality management system, introduces internationally advanced technology and adopts international advanced production technique. Stainless steel caps are widely applied to industries as petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, electric power, chemical fiber, papermaking, printing and dyeing, food and pneumatic parts etc. The company is provided with complete inspection equipment and adopts technical standards for various types of stainless steel coupling, union, and nipples.Stainless Steel CouplingA stainless steel coupling connects two stainless steel pipes. If their sizes differ, the stainless steel pipe fitting is know as a reducing coupling, reducer or adapter. There are two types of couplings: slip and regular. Stainless steel couplings are highly demanded in the stainless pipe fitting market. Stainless steel couplings always help to extend or terminate pipe runs. SS couplings extend a run by jointing two lengths of pipe. Stainless steel coupling, also known as repair couplings, is without stops or ridges and they can be fixed anywhere along the pipe length for preventing leak of any kind.Stainless Steel UnionA stainless steel union, similar to stainless steel coupling, allows the convenient disconnection of pipes for maintenance or fixture replacement. Although a SS coupling requires solvent welded, soldering or rotation, a stainless union allows easy connection and disconnection. It consists of three parts: a nut, a female end and a male end. When female and male ends are joined, the nut seals the joint. Stainless steel unions are a type of flange connector.Stainless Steel NippleStainless steel nipple is a pipe fitting, consisting of a short piece of pipe, usually provided with a male pipe thread at each end, for connecting two other fittings. The length of stainless steel nipple is usually specified by the overall length with threads. It may have a hexagonal section in the center for wrench to grasp, or it may simply be made from a short piece of pipe. When the ends are of two different sizes it is called a reducer or unequal nipple.Stainless Steel Coupling, Union Size 1/8" to 4" (DN6– DN100)Pressure 2000LBS, 3000LBS, 6000LBS, 9000LBSStandard ANSI B16.9/B16.28 and MSS SP-43/SP-75Ends Butt Welded, ThreadedThread Types NU, EU, STC, LTC, BTCSurface Shot Blasted, Rolling Sand, PolishingStainless Steel Nipple Size 1/8" to 12" (DN6– DN200)Type TBE, TOE POE, PBEStainless Steel Coupling    Nominal Diameter    The Length of Coupling and Cap Outside Diameter End Wall Thickness Length of Thread E F D C min  DN NPS 3000LB 6000LB 3000LB 6000LB 3000LB 6000LB 3000LB 6000LB B L2   Sch160 XXS Sch160 XXS Sch160 XXS Sch160 XXS   61/8323219-16225.0-6.56.581/43535252719255. The above size comply with ANSI B16.11, BSP3799, GB/T14626Stainless Steel Union Nominal Diameter Outside Diameter Wall Thickness Socket Bore Water way Bore Depth of Socket Length Assem      Nominal D min C min d1 d2 J min L DN NPS Socket Threaded Socket Threaded Socket Socket & Threaded Socket Socket & Threaded 61/821.814.73.22.510.656.431041.481/421.8193. The above size comply with MSS SP-83, BS3799.Stainless Steel Nipple (Inch Pipe) Nominal Size Outside Diameter Sch40/STD    Sch80/XS Sch160    XXS L(mm) DN NPS     81/413.5Ο 100      150      200103/817.2Ο  151/221.3ΟΟ 203/426.7ΟΟ 25133.4ΟΟ 3211/442.2ΟΟ 4011/248.3ΟΟ 50260.3ΟΟMain Grades of Stainless Steel Coupling Union Nipple Austenitic/Super Austenitic Stainless Steel Caps 304,  304H,  304L,  304LN,  321,  321H,  316,  316L,  316LN,  316Ti,  317L,  310S,  310H,  314,  347H,  904L,  S31254,  N08367,  N08926,  S32654,  S31277 Ferrite/Super Ferrite Stainless Steel Caps 405,  430,  439,  444,  TP446-1/TP446-2,  S44660,  S44735,  S44736 Duplex/Super Duplex Stainless Steel Caps S31500,  S31803,  S32205,  S32304,  S32520, S32550,  S32750,  S32760 Martensite/Super Stainless Steel Caps  410S,  410,  420,  420J2,  431,  17-4PH,  13Cr110,  17Cr110/125 Nickel Alloy Caps N04400,  N05500,  N06600,  N06601,  N06025,  N06617,  N06625,  N06690,  N08810,  N10276,  N06022,  N10665,  N10675,  N08020,  N08028,  N08031,  N06985,  N06030,  N06035,  N07750Packing Information of Stainless Steel Coupling Union Nipple Stainless steel coupling union nipple from Sheye Metal are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or international transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.A. Sheye Metal Export Standard Seaworthy Packing for Stainless Steel Coupling Union Nipple. Wooden Pallet, Plywood Case, Wooden Boxes.B. Customization (Stainless Steel Coupling Union Nipple)If you are going to buy high quality stainless steel coupling union nipple in stock, please feel free to contact Sheye Metal, which is one of the well-known manufacturers and suppliers of good stainless steel coupling union nipple.


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