All Glass Revolving Door

KA071 all glass revolving door is made of a special safety glass, featuring a unique structure and an impeccable appearance. As the door is designed without a central column, clearer visibility allows it to become sparkling and more elegant. With KBB’s unique music note style clamp, the KA071 door incorporates exceptional mechanic s with aesthetics, with safety and beauty both increased.


Safety functions

1. Vertical safety switch.

2. Horizontal safety light barriers .

3. Emergency stop button.

4. Force-sensitive Control.

5. Torque Control Function.

6. Panic breakout.

7. Night Security Door.

8. Disabled push button.

9. Glass Protective Door Clamp.


Types of Installation

The Installation including the “ Underground ” and “ Cross Slab ” types.


Drive and Control System

World’s top level system is adapted, SIEMENS main control unit, transducer, drive unit to ensure the stable door working.

Adjusting Tool:

SIEMENS BOP and TD400 are used for KBB revolving doors setting.

Working Modes:

Continuous working mode.

Start/Stop working mode .



Glass with higher Quality

All glass meets the requirements of the international standards.

1. Curved glass is 16mm(8+8) thick clear laminated glass.

2. Flat glass is 12mm thick  toughened glass.

3. Ceiling is constructed of 16mm(8+8) semi-laminated and semi -toughened safety glass.


Music note style clamp

The music note style clamp is one of KBB’s most distinguished patents. It’s similar to the musical notes. The clamp’s round shape makes the bearing points of the edge distribute pressure equally, keeping the door body steady and firm. This system has proven an impeccable safety record for KBB’s crystal doors.


Technical Data

Power supply : 220VAC±10%,50HZ

Power Consumption : 360W/AC

Main Fuse : 5A

Range of high speed adjust :1-4r.p.m.

Range of low speed adjust : 0.5-2.5 r.p.m

Ambient temperature : -25 degree ~ 50 degree

Ambient Humidity : <90%


Key Components

1. Main control unit : SIEMENS

2. Operating programed software : KBB        

3. Transducer : SIEMENS

4. Revolving door motor : SIEMENS

5. Revolving door gear box : Sewdrive

6. Mechanical lock : KBB

7. Reset button : KBB

8. Detection radar of revolving door : BEA

9. High precision speed/position radar   : HENGSTLER

10. Safety anti-striking device : PEPPERL

11. Emergency stop button : KBB

12. Handicap button : KBB

13. Outer wall glass : YAOPI, 8+8mm laminated glass

14. Door wing glass : YAOPI    12mm toughened glass

15. Top cap glass : YAOPI Safety glass toughened treatment

16. Aluminum frame profile : JIHUA


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