ATM Security Shield

As KBB social responsibility, also based on KBB over 20 years’ automatic door experience, as well as the most advanced door producing and security &protection technology from Europe, America and Japan, KBB ATM security door with the model KC3000 exclusively developed with the time required, which will protect you better when you make the Money Depositing and Withdrawing .

The advantages of KBB ATM security door includedIntelligent Locking,  high strength structure for door body, high strength laminated glass for door body,intelligent ventilation system, the reliable operating system.



KC3000 ATM Security Door has a very modern appearance with smooth profile and transparent glass. Due to the latest technology, it’s very sensitive, smart and safe.


Safety design

1. Anti squeeze function: the door leaf will slide back when knock something.

2. Infrared sensor: The door will keep open when testing the pedestrian.

3. The battery backup can hold for 60 minutes when power off.

4. You can choose the electric lock for safety.

5. Unique ventilation design.

6. Exit only and locking function: Keeping the user safe when using the ATM machine.


Long Term Life Cycle Design

1. 3,000,000 cycles trouble-free testing.

2. Low temperature testing(work well at -20 degree )

3. First class material.

4. Advanced process.





1. Multi functions for your choice.

2. Manual/automatic/partial opening/exit only/night mode.


Low noise design

1. German designed driving unit.

2. Unique lubricating method and decelerator.

3. KBB’s nylon rail and self lubricating nylon carriage wheel.



1. Auto-diagnosis and malfunction display.

2. Automatic operation supervision.

3. The door will record the parameters at the 1st time operation automatically.

4. Automatically testing the door leave’s weight and friction force.

5. Highly sensitivity and quality sensors.

6. Dust proof and antistatic.


Multi-opening mode

1. Radar or sensor:micro or infrared.

2. Pushing button: by hand/by foot/by elbow.

3. Cards: IC card/RFID/RF password card.



Technical Data

Power supply    : 220VAC+-10%,50/60Hz,10A

Power               : 200W

Motor rated power    : 100W

Max driving weight(static)   : 120Kg

Battery holding time    : 60min

Opening width            : 650mm

Opening speed          : 0.3m/s-0.7m/s

Closing speed            : 0.2m/s-0.6m/s

Opening holding time      : 0s-10s

Adjustable passage width    : 30%-90%

Ambient temperature           : -20 degree~ +50 degree

Ambient humidity        :  < 90%

Protection class          : IP23


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