Automatic Shape Moulding Machine With Vacuum

Main features1.The production of foam products with low water content, dimensional stability, low power consumption2.Performing fully automatic, semi-atomatic, middle starting ad manual operating mode3.Mechanical stripping. Stripping position can be sadjusted with the products f different thickness4.Safety door switch, pause switch and emergency stop three security potection devices5.Sing the programmable control with color touch screen control, easy to operate 6.Mobile template guide and bearing separaton, extending the life of the guide post7.Three sewage pipe technology, the fixed mold, moving mold and vacuum systems to move independently of sewage8.The main components(CPU template, touch screen, start parts, hydraulic parts, pump, etc.) all use intenational and domestic brands9.Prodcution control can be implemented computer management, high degree of automation, easy operation and maintencanceTechnical specificationsItemUnit  1210(A,B)  1412 (A,B) 1513 (A,B) 1715 (A,B) 1816 (A,B)Mould Dimensionmm  1200×1000  1400×1200 1500*1300 1700×1500 1800×1600Max Products Dimensionmm  1030×830  1230×1030 1330*1130 1530×1330  1630×1430  ×400 ×400  *400  ×400   ×400Steam SystemSteam Inlet Sizemm  DN80  DN80  DN80  DN100  DN100Mold Inlet Sizemm  DN40  DN40  DN40  DN40  DN40Inlet Pressurekg/m2  3~6  3~6  3~6  3~6  3~6Consumptionkg/cycle  3~4  3.5~4.6  3.8-4.8  4.5~5.8  4.8~6.2Cooling WaterWater Inlet  Size mm  DN40  DN40  DN40  DN40  DN40Mould Inlet Size mm  DN25  DN25  DN25  DN25  DN25Pressurekg/m2  3~4  3~4  3~4  3~4  3~4Consumptionkg/cycle  20-35  20-40  30-45  40-55  45-60Temperature  ℃  40~50  40~50  40~50  40~50  40~50Compressed Air  Inlet Size mm  DN40   DN40   DN40  DN40  DN40ConsumptionM3/cycle  0.020~  0.025~  0.030-0.035  0.032~  0.035~0.0250.030.040.042Inlet PressureKg/m2  4~5  4~5  4~5  4~5  4~5Vacuum SystemPomp Drainage Outlet  mm  DN65  DN65  DN65  DN65  N65Vacuum Flow Rate  m3/h  230  230  230  280  280Eletromotor Power   Kw  5.5  5.5  5.5  5.5  5.5Time  s/cycle  60-180  60-180  60-180  80-200  80-200Drainage pipe mm  DN150  DN150  DN150  DN150  DN150Power kw  13.5  13.5  13.5 17.2  17.2L*W*H mm  5200×2100  5200×2300  5200*2400 5200×2600  5200×2700×2800×3000*3100×3300×3400Weight kg  5500  6000  6200 6500  7000


至: Fuyang Chuanghong Imp&Exp Co., Ltd
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