Sapphire dome

Sapphire has the characteristic of high hardness, high strength, high transmittance, and high resistance to thermal shock quality factor. With excellent performance on thermal shock resistance and abrasion resistance, it can be widely applied to high speed working photoelectric equipment and intelligent high speed dome camera in airborne, shipboard, space-borne, submarine-based, land-based field.


Crystal orientation: C, A, M optional
Diameter: Φ20 – Φ300 mm
Radius of curvature: R10 - R150
Wall thickness: > 1mm
Edge thickness difference: ≤ 0.02mm
Total thickness variation: ≤ 0.05mm
C axis deviation: ≤ 2º
Centration: ≤ 2 arc minutes
Surface Quality: Better than 60-40
Power N: ≤ 5 fringes
Irregularity △N: ≤ 1 fringe

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