QT-SM01 Soil Moisture Meter

Product description: The QT-SM01 is a soil moisture meter, consisting of a soil moisture sensor and a portable data logger. It can apply to agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, water conservancy, meteorology and other sectors for soil moisture monitoring, irrigation, greenhouse control and precision agriculture. The meter can be used to rapidly measure the moisture of various types of soils at upper and lower layer. It is able to meet the requirements of soil moisture monitoring, scientific research, production and teaching, etc.

QT-SM01 Soil Moisture Meter

Technical parameters

  • Moisture sensor: cylindrical PVC waterproof probe with four 6 cm long stainless steel probe, it can be also kept in the soil for a long term observation at a fixes position or and on-line measurement
  • Extension rod for moisture sensor: length 80cm
  • Measurement range: 0~100% Vol
  • Accuracy: ±3% (0~60% Vol), ±1%(after calibration)
  • Response time: < 0.3 s
  • Storage module: software included, more than 12,000 data, no data lost when power failure
  • Data display: LCD with backlight, shutdown automatically, power-saving mode
  • Power supply: 8.4V rechargeable lithium battery, charger included
  • Communication interface: RS232
  • Battery life: continuously for 48 hours in frequent use

Standard configuration

QT-SM01 soil moisture meter includes soil moisture sensor, portable data logger, USB cables, portable case, charger, software, manual and extension rod.

Origin: China


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