3-Phenylpropanal 99% pure

English name : 3-PhenylpropanalOther names: 3-Phenylpropylaldehyde,3-Phenylpropionaldehyde,3-Phenylpropanal,dihydrocinnamaldehyde3-Phenylpropyl aldehydeCAS No.:104-53-0 Molecular formula:C9H10O Molecular weight:134.175 Molar mass: 134.073166 Melting point:-42 °C Boiling point:97-98 °C12 mm Hg(lit.) Flash point:95.0±0.0 °C Properties : Transparent colorless transparent liquidPurity : 99% Packaging : 25kg plastic drum Storage method:

  1. 2. Use spark-prone machinery and tools. The storage area should be equipped with spill emergency treatment equipment and suitable containment materials. 3. Storage temperature 4ºC

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