Blind Buried Vias & Hdi Pcb

Blind & Buried Via Board, use micro blind vias to increase the trace distribution density. Improve radio frequency, electromagnetic wave interference and hear conduction. Apply to computer server, mobile and digital camera products.HUIHE CIRCUITS Blind & Buried Via Board has passed ISO9001 / ISO13485 /IATF16949 / UL /RoHS / REACH certification.

Are PCB Boards With Blind And Buried Vias Called HDI Boards?

HDI boards are high-density interconnection circuit boards. The boards that are plated with blind holes and then laminated are all HDI boards, which are divided into first-order, second-order, third-order, fourth-order, and fifth-order HDI. Simple buried vias are not necessarily HDI. .

The Difference Between HDI Board And Ordinary PCB

Through Hole

Plating Through Hole, or PTH for short, is the most common one. You only need to pick up the PCB and face the light, and the hole that can see the bright light is the "through hole". This is also the simplest type of hole, because when making it, you only need to use a drill or a laser to directly drill the circuit board. The cost is relatively cheap, but sometimes it will use more PCB space.

Blind Via Hole

which connects the outermost circuit of the PCB with the adjacent inner layer with electroplated holes. Because the opposite side cannot be seen, it is called "blind through". This manufacturing method requires special attention to the depth of the drilling (Z axis) to be just right; it is also possible to drill holes in the circuit layers that need to be connected in the individual circuit layers in advance, and then glue them together.

Buried Hole

Buried hole, the connection of any circuit layer inside the PCB but not conducting to the outer layer. This process cannot be achieved by drilling after bonding. It must be drilled on the individual circuit layers. After the inner layer is partially bonded, it must be electroplated before it can be fully bonded. Compared with the original "through hole" and "Blind holes" take more time, so the price is the most expensive. This process is usually only used for high-density (HDI) circuit boards to increase the usable space of other circuit layers.

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