Cake Preservatives

Natural Cake and Bread Additives and Preservatives

Natural cake preservatives

Moldy foods are unsightly, have off-flavors and are often dangerous. Some molds cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems or produce poisonous mycotoxins. Our preservatives used in cakescan slow the growth of spoilage organisms in baked goods and limit changes in color, texture and flavor.

We have various types of cake preservatives, if you want to buy the best preservative for cake, our products are a good choice for you.

As a company of manufacturing natural food additive,we have confidence to meet your needs.

Related natural preservatives for baked goods

PL-01 99% Purity ε-PolylysinePL-01 99% Purity ε-Polylysine

PL-02 ε-Polylysine + NatamasePL-02 ε-Polylysine + Natamase

PL-03 ε-Polylysine + Natamase + GlycinePL-03 ε-Polylysine + Natamase + Glycine

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