Hydraulic Elbow Making Machine

MYT hydraulic elbow maker machineis professionally used for producing round duct elbow.

Compared with regular electric elbow forming machine, it greatly increases the production working speed. The frame adopts full steel welding structure with great rigidity.

Hydraulic Elbow Making Machine Features

There are two stations on the gorelocker -elbow lock forming station and elbow seam locking station. All these two stations are driven by independent hydraulic oil tank!

That makes the machine running automatically, accurately and at a very fast speed of max. 120m/min. This hydraulic duct elbow forming machine handles a variety of duct materials and gauges to make elbows from 5"-50" or 125mm-1250mm.

The materials it supports are black steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and etc.

Hydraulic Elbow Making Machine Main Technical Parameters



Total power


Hydraulic oil

55 L

Consumption of

compressed air

75L/hour 6har


Diameter range


Net weight



(Thickness ) mm

Black steel

Galvanized steel

Stainless steel


Production time

1Pc 200mm 90°C Elbow 1.5min



Packaging Size


MYT was established in Shanghai ,Head office is in Suzhou. We provide auto duct line, sheet metal bending machine, cnc pipe bending machine for saleand etc.

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