PCB Enclosure Assembly

HX Technology also offers PCB Finish Product Assembly and circuit board enclosure, including assembly with the outer shell and with a wire connector.

With two custom circuit boardenclosure lines and a specialized warehouse for raw material provided by customers, we will ensure your circuit board enclosure products meet the highest quality standards for assembly. With consideration of enclosure design for pcb casesand knowing the finish product structure first, we would set standards for every kind of printed circuit board enclosures we assembly; only with strict criterion and control system to make sure the quality and deliver on time!

PCBenclosure DesignGuidelines

·Ensure MCAD and ECAD tools use the same data format.

·Select the right component package for the PCB enclosure.

·Ensure that the PCBboxesfits the board size.

·Ensure board cutouts are accurately aligned with component placement.

·Understand the environmental hazards of the installation.

·Consider the impact on signal transmission.

·Select PCB enclosure materials that meet thermal requirements.

·Consider equipment tolerances.

PCB Enclosure Design Guidelines

What is a PCB Enclosure

PCB enclosure is equipment to store and protect printed circuit boards, which can offer a PCB cover. In order to protect the PCB from environmental factors, adding possible consideration of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), it is almost certain that the PCB will be placed in some form of enclosure. Inevitably, the PCB enclosure will interfere with the free flow of air around the PCB and therefore also have an impact on the thermal performance of the system.

Features of Printed Circuit Board Enclosures

The printed circuit board enclosures are completely sealed and has no holes or seams.

The thickness of the printed circuit board enclosures is 2 mm, independent of the housing material.

The printed circuit board enclosures are capable of dissipating thermal energy to the outside environment through convection, conduction and radiation mechanisms.

What is a PCB Enclosure

Safety Distance Between PCB and PCB Enclosure

The production and processing of PCBA for the board and the PCB enclosure will generally have safety distance requirements. This distance can ensure that our PCBA board will not be damaged in some harsh environment.

The safety distance between the PCBA board and mounting PCB in the enclosure includes electrical clearance (space distance), creepage distance (distance along the surface), and insulation penetration distance.

HX will custom PCB enclosure with a safety distance for your use!

If you want to know more about PCBassembly house, please contact us.

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