Hard Magnetic Bonded Compounds

Magnets and magnet assemblies have to meet increasingly complex requirements.

Hard-Ferrite Bonded Magnetic Compounds

Compared to rare earth magnetic materials, hard ferrites has obvious cost advantage due to the use of cheap strontium oxide, barium oxide and iron oxide as raw materials. In addition, ferrite has high stability and curie temperature, which makes it the most widely used permanent magnetic materials. Maximum energy product (BH)max of our bonded ferrite magnets range from 0.5 to 2.3 MGOe. Based on the different polymer matrix, our ferrite bonded magnet compounds for sale are mainly divided into FA series (nylon 6), FB series (nylon 12) and FC series (PPS), which can meet customers' different demands of operating temperatures and mechanical properties.

Bonded Neodymium Magnetic Compounds

As rare earth permanent magnetic material, Neodymium-Iron-Boron has been widely used in modern industry and electronic technology due to its high magnetic energy product and coercivity, thus it is possible for miniaturization and lightweight of some electromagnetic conversion equipment. The use of large amounts of element neodymium is the main reason for the high price of NdFeB. We have isotropic (NB/NC series) and anisotropic (HNB series) bonded neodymium magnetic compounds. The maximum energy product (BH)max of our bonded NdFeB magnetic compounds ranges from 2.5 to 14 MGOe.

Bonded Neodymium Magnetic Compounds

Hybrid Bonded Soft Magnetic Compounds

Different kinds of magnetic powder (Ferrite, NdFeB, or SmFeN) are mixed evenly in different proportions, then kneaded with thermoplastic resins to form magnetic compounds. Products with an extensive range of magnetic properties and relatively reasonable cost can be achieved. Maximum energy product (BH)max of NFB, NFC, and HSFB series products range from 2 to 5MGOe, which is the same level of magnetic properties as a sintered ferrite plastic bonded magnetsbut more reasonable in price. The (BH)max of HSNB series products ranges from 10 to 12MGOe, which can replace some bonded neodymium magnetic compounds to reduce the cost.

Bonded smfen magnets

Samarium-Iron-Nitrogen magnetic material uses the Rare-earth Sm element which is relatively abundant instead of the currently expensive and scarce elements of Nd, Dy, Co, etc. Thus, the risk of price fluctuations in procurement is smaller due to the stability in the supply and price of raw materials. Our bonded SmFeN compounds mainly include HSB series. We have entire preparation processes from the SmFeN powders to the magnetic compounds. The strict control of the production processes ensures that the products meet the needs of customers. Customized solutions are also provided for customized demands. Maximum energy product (BH)max of our bonded SmFeN magnetic compounds range from 6 to 9.5 MGOe.

If you want to know more about different types of magnets and their properties, please visit our website.

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