Medical Face Shield

The face shields are lightweight, cost-effective products that protect the wearer against splashing liquids, sprays and splatter. They are perfect for resuming daily activities safely. You can comfortably wear your face shield mask at medical institutions, offices, metro, buses, factories, supermarkets, schools, houses and other public places. The clear lens is double anti-fogging, which comfortably accommodates eyeglasses.

Medical Face Shield Levels

Wearable Medical Face Shield
Respiratory droplets block, eyes and face protection; Easy to wear and took off; Can be used in conjunction with a face mask, goggles, glasses; Sold in packs of 50 face shields per box

Elastic Medical Face Shield
Lightweight, anti-fogging protection from splashing or spraying; Equipped with a foam band and headband; Can be used in conjunction with a face mask, goggles, glasses sold in packs of 25 face shields.

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