Tips for Purchasing Bamboo Plywood Sheets

Tips for Purchasing Bamboo Plywood Sheets

When buying bamboo plywood sheets, many users have a lot of doubts facing with various products and advertising and don't know how to make the right choice. So, how to choose the bamboo plywood sheets price, thickness and grade of bamboo plywood sheets? There are some tips for you.

First choose 12mm bamboo plywoodsheets according to the purpose. If it is to repair bridges, dams, or power plants, bamboo plywood sheets for bridges should be chosen. The main requirement of the project is that the pouring surface must be smooth and flat, and the number of uses is not high. If it is high-rise buildings, high-rise special sheets or high-quality sheets should be used to achieve the most cost-effectivity. If it is used for ordinary multi-storey buildings, generally inexpensive ordinary sheets can be used. There are special products for other purposes, such as cabin floors, container floors and trailer boards.

The thickness of bridge bamboo plywood sheets is generally 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm, which is mainly determined by the height of the beam and the required load-bearing capacity. Generally, the 15mm thick bridge plate is the most commonly used. As for the thickness of bamboo plywood sheet used for building houses, it is generally 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, among which the most commonly used board is 9mm. However, the board for shear wall is generally 11mm and at least 10mm.

When purchasing bamboo plywood sheets, the quality assurance of insect and mildew resistance should be emphasized.

The bamboo plywood sheets are glued by high temperature and high pressure, for which have strict process standards and testing standards. Some manufacturers on the market and self-employed use manual suppression or soil machinery suppression, and the quality of glue cannot be ensured, thus easy to appear cracking open glue.

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