Silicon Window

Silicon has a low 2.329 g/cm3 density which is half the density of Germanium, making it ideal for weight-sensitive applications, such as silicon window. Silicon's price is much better compared with Germanium. Many military brand companies choose TC Optics Silicon lenses or windows.

Silicon Window Specifications




1 to 500 mm

Diameter Tolerance

+0/-0.02 mm

Thickness Tolerance

±0.01 mm

Surface Quality


Surface Figure



1 Minute


Uncoated, AR, HR, Beamsplitter, etc.

Si Window Advanatages

With densities as low as 2.329 g / cm3, the si window is ideal for weight sensitive applications. In addition, compared with germanium and zinc selenide, silicon has less brittleness and higher thermal stability.

Birefringence will reduce the infrared imaging performance, so it is important to choose a material without birefringence. Because silicon has a cubic crystal structure, silicon windows do not exhibit birefringence.

TCOpticsis a professional cylindrical lens factory, we provide cheap optical components, cylindrical glass lens, cylindrical optics, silicon window transmission, si window partsand etc. Contact us to know more.

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