Neodymium Ball/Sphere Magnets

Sphere magnets are permanent magnet balls or magnetic balls. No matter ball magnet or sphere magnet, they just tell us the same shape for a permanent magnet.
The magnetic neodymium balls/neodymium sphere magnets are magnetic balls that made of rare earth neodymium permanent magnetic material.
The smallest sizes of neodymium ball magnets we made are Dia-2mm. And the biggest NdFeB sphere magnets we made is Dia-50mm. Meank magnetics will be your first choice of magnetic balls factory. We have both small ball magnets for sale and magnetic balls of big size, welcome to consult.

Applications of Powerful Ball Magnets
Magnetic neodymium balls are strong magnetic balls, they are not used so widely like our neodymium block magnets and neodymium disc magnets for sale. The powerful ball magnets are mainly used as strong magnetic beads for magnetic jewelry and magnetic toys, for example, magnetic neocube toys that composed of powerful magnetic ball are very popular.

Magnet Grade and Surface Treatment Options ofPowerful Magnetic Ball
Grade Surface Treatment
N35-N52 NiCuNi
33M-50M Zn
35H-48H NiCu+Sn/NiCu+Ag/NiCu+Au
35SH-45SH NiCu+Epoxy
28UH-40UH Parylene
28EH-38EH Plastic coated
28AH-33AH Rubber coated

As one of the magnetic spheres manufacturers,

we provide 6mm magnetic balls, magnetic spheres for sale,7mm magnetic balls,

strong fishing magnets for sale, etc. Want to know more, please contact us for more information.

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