Electric Diaphragm Pumps

DBY3 series electric driven diaphragm pumps adopts a new type of cycloidal pinwheel reducer, with the help of the crankshaft drive mechanism, the double diaphragm reciprocates, and by changing the workload, it continuously breathes and discharges the liquid. According to the breakthrough progress made by our company in improving the lift of pump materials, DBY3 replaces centrifugal pumps and screw pumps, and is widely used in petrochemical, ceramics, water conservancy, paint, food, metallurgy and other industries.

1. Easy to use, can work with electricity;

3. Can pump thicker liquids (below 10000 centipoise);

4. The motor has no shaft seal, which can prolong the service life;

5. Good passing ability, the largest particle is 9mm, and the damage to the pump is small when pumping mud;

6. Working temperature: 5-65°C Medium temperature: -20C~150°;

7. Simple structure, few wearing parts, easy installation and maintenance;

8. Since the diaphragm is separated by the medium and the transmission machinery, the medium will not leak;

9.Depending on the medium, the material of the diaphragm can be neoprene, fluoro rubber, nitrile rubber, Teflon, PUF, etc.


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