Acrel wireless theft monitoring systemare mainly used in the medical and industrial sectors. The medical IT system is mainly designed for the large threat to the patient's life caused by the leakage current. The industrial IT system is mainly used to monitor the insulation condition of the system to the ground in real time because the leakage current poses a threat to the safety of some industrial production.

Isolated Power Systems For Sale

Solar pv scada systemis suitable for important places such as hospital operating rooms, ICU (CCU) intensive care units, and industrial fields such as: electrolytic aluminum, mines, glass factories, electric furnaces and test equipment, metallurgical plants, chemical plants, explosion-hazardous places, computer centers and emergency In AC and DC ungrounded systems such as power supplies.

Industrial IT Isolated Power System

Isolated Power System Explained

In the medical IT system, the AITR series medical isolation transformer is the core of the system. It is used with the AIM series insulation monitor to monitor the insulation status of the IT system to the ground. When an insulation fault occurs, the AID series alarm and display instrument will remotely display and Sound and light alarm, at the same time ASG test signal generator and AIL insulation fault locator will locate the location of the fault, so as to cut off the fault circuit in time and accurately.

Isolated vs. Non-Isolated Power Supply

Different risk of electric shock


The driving efficiency is different


The cost is different


How Does An Isolated Power Supply Work?

Medical isolation power system (ie medical IT system), also known as power distribution system with ungrounded neutral point. The power supply side of the system has no working grounding or is grounded through high impedance, and grounding protection is performed on the load side. Therefore, when the first leakage fault occurs, the leakage current is small and will not generate a large contact voltage to threaten personal safety. Therefore, It is not necessary to cut off the power supply, so that the medical equipment can continue to work, and at the same time, the alarm device is used to remind the staff to check and eliminate the fault in time.

Acrel provides solar plant remote monitoring system, remote monitoring solar system, power theft monitoring system, power monitoring and control system, power distribution monitoring system, 4g energy meter, mini current transformer, etc. For more information about remote monitoring system for solar power plant price, please feel free to contact us!

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