CNC Boring Mill

Sealion Machine Tool supplies both floor type and horizontal boring & milling machines. For the floor type boring machine, SEALION borring milling machinemanufacturers offer you spindle size from 130mm up to 250mm, with or without square ram. It can work with a rotary table, milling attachment, facing head. For the horizontal boring milling machine, SEALION boring mill manufacturersoffers 110mm or 130mm spindle with facing head and rotary table. New cnc boring milling machineand automatic milling machines are widely used in big size job machining, such as earthmoving, motors, airplanes, nuclear power, wind power, etc. SEALION provides full lists of attchments, boring machine tools or your various needs. It has the functions of drilling, reaming, boring, milling and turning threads, and so on. SEALION boring milling manufacturers, your trustworthy partner.

What is a CNC Milling Machine and How does it Work?

CNC milling machines are extremely useful machines for commercial and industrial production. Vertical boring and milling machineuse rotating cylindrical tools to move along multiple axes and create grooves, holes and details in the material to transform it into a vehicle or machine part. Most machines operate on three to five axes, thereby creating greater precision and detail. Modern CNC milling machines are assembled into horizontal and vertical machining centers.

Difference Between Horizontal Boring Mill ToolingAnd Vertical Boring Machine

The difference between a horizontal boring and milling machine and a vertical boring machine is that the workpiece of the horizontal milling cutter is stationary and the tool rotates. When the workpiece rotates, the vertical boring and milling cutter will have a fixed tool. Horizontal boring and milling machines have more versatility, because the machine may have unlimited part size functions and may have special options.

What can CNC Boring Mill Do?

Important application of CNC boring mill include finishing of internal surfaces and drilling of heat-sensitive or non-ductile materials. One of the main purposes of CNC boring mill is to make the inner surface of the cut hole rough or smooth. Here, the tools used can help texture the inner surface of the hole in a specific way. Sometimes this is done when refurbishing a product instead of making a new product. As a physical shearing process, cnc boring mills can ream holes in materials that are not suitable for thermal or electrical based drilling methods (such as laser cutting or electrical discharge machining). Manual boring mill are most suitable for reaming. Although CNC boring mills may have the accuracy required for drilling or partial blind holes, this is still not their preferred application. CNC boring mill for sale, contact us for more info.

Benefits of CNC Boring Mill

Tool deflection or machining process deviation occurs when the tool encounters more resistance than can be easily compensated for. For example, when the main spindle is too far from the anchor rod, if it is placed under the anchor rod, it will be unusually excessive for a certain angle of drilling.With a CNC boring mill, the spindle can be taken out of the spindle box, which means that the spindle can be kept short to prevent tool deflection, which leads to more consistent drilling.

CNC boring mills may not be exciting, but they are rugged and reliable tools, especially when they are well maintained. With proper maintenance, they can last for decades, which makes second-hand CNC boring mills a particularly ideal investment to maintain their value.

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