Eco Friendly Paper Cups In Bulk

Coffee cups have disposable paper cups wholesalebeen favored by coffee lovers. Soton’s disposable paper coffee cups use ecological pulp paper, which is green, environmentally friendly, heat and leak-proof. The inner wall of the compostable paper coffee cups can be evenly coated with PE film or PLA film. This type of biodegradable cup by Soton, a professional organic compostable paper cups wholesale manufacturer, has a size and printed logo that can be customized according to customer requests such as single-layer cups, double-layer hollow cups and corrugated cups. PS cup lid, PLA cup lid, paper cup lid can also be provided to match the eco friendly paper coffee cupswhich become one of the most indispensable items in people's lives for various scenes and fields.

Specifications of SOTON Compostable Paper Coffee Cups


Paper Cup


Food Grade Paper


Single Wall Cup, Hollow Cup, Corrugated Cup




2 Years




Cannot be exposed to sunlight or rain;

Cannot be mixed with harmful and corrosive materials


Stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse away from the ground and fire source.

Avoid direct sunlight and not be stacked in the open air.



Advantages of SOTON Biodegradable Paper Coffee Cups

Soton's paper cup is made with the best food-grade paper and eco-friendly materials. The coated Polyethylene or PLA lining makes this a leak-resistant paper cup that won't get weak. The paper cup is convenient and also an effective alternative to traditional glass and ceramics. It can also be personalized with the customers' designs, decorating our daily life. Sip a cup of hot coffee in the morning or a cold glass of orange juice when you come home. Whether you choose a hot drink or cold beverage, Soton's paper cup makes your life simple.

Paper Cup Wholesale From SOTON

Soton, as one of the largest straw manufacturers in the world, has explored its new leader in the paper cup industry. Built on its raw material supply chain advantage, Soton is able to access the most high-quality raw paper and PLA material. Combined with Soton's advanced technology in manufacturing, it is able to produce the best paper cup with the greatest value. In terms of safety, Soton has a special laboratory and quality control system to make sure the paper cups are 100% safe to use. Additionally, Soton also has an in-house design team to meet your special requirement on the pattern, especially during Christmas, and Easter Holiday.

Now the price of wholesale sustainable productsis low, if you have needs, please contact us.

If you are looking for professional biodegradable straw companies, please choose us, and we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

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