Melt Crystallizer

Accurately control the temperature and integrate a number of technologies for efficient purification.

Characteristics of Melt Crystallizer


High product purity: The product purity can be above 99.99% chromatographically pure according to customer requirements.


Low operating temperature: Generally, it is operated at atmospheric pressure and low temperature, with simple and safe operation.


Wide applicability: It is very difficult to separate isomers and chiral substances by distillation, while separation can be easily achieved by melt crystallization.


No solvents required: The crystallization process does not require the addition of other solvents, which can effectively avoid the increase of impurities caused by the introduction of solvents and environmental pollution.


Investment saving: There are no excessive requirements for equipment, which can reduce costs and equipment investment.


Energy conservation and environmentally friendly: The energy consumption of melt crystallization is generally only 10%-30% of that of distillation.

Applications of Melt Crystallizer

Petrochemical industry: 1,2,4,5-Tetramethylbenzene, Maleic anhydride, P-xylene, M-xylene

Biosynthetic materials: Dimethyl succinate, lactide, pentanediamine, long-chain dicarboxylic acid

Polymer monomer: Bisphenol A, acrylic acid, caprolactam, dimethyl terephthalate, hexanediamine

Coal chemical industry: Refined naphthalene, Fischer-Tropsch wax, cresol, naphthol

Electronic Chemicals: Ethylene carbonate, Dimethyl carbonate, Vinylene carbonate, Hydrogen peroxide, Phosphoric acid

Fine Chemicals: Benzoic acid, Phenylenediamine, Dichlorobenzene, Chloroacetic acid, Nitro chlorobenzene

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