Commercial Swing Gate

Commercial Chain Link Fence Swing Gate - Cost-effective

Commercial swing gate for a company.
CSG-01: Commercial double swing gate.

Commercial chain link fence gates, single or double swing, are applied in parks, airports, factories and sporting fields. Compared with residential fence gates, the commercial gates have stronger fabric, gate posts and frames. Generally speaking, the height or width will be more than 8 feet. That is the reason why vertical interior bracing should be used when the width is more than 8 feet, and horizontal interior member when the fabric height is 8 feet or more. Commercial chain link fence gates are galvanized or vinyl-coated in accordance with the fence fabric. Available in black, green and brown.

The gate fabric is fabricated from 9 gauge galvanized or vinyl-coated steel withe with a 2 in. Mesh. Gate clips are used to secure the fabric of both sides to the gate frame through tension bar. Top and bottom fabric are attached to the frame by 9 gauge aluminum wire. Gate posts and frames are manufactured by high strength steel, and find the details below.


Table -1: Commercial Chain Link Fence Gate Posts Dimensions
Gate leaf width Material Outside diameter of pipe (in.) Minimum weight (lb/ft.)
For gate fabric height of 6 ft. or less
Up to and including 4 ft. Steel 2.375 3.11
Over 4 to 10 ft. Steel 2.875 4.64
Over 10 to 18 ft. Steel 4.000 6.56
For gate fabric height over 6 ft.
Up to and including 6 ft. Steel 2.875 4.64
Over 6 to 12 ft. Steel 4.000 6.56
Over 12 to 18 ft. Steel 6.625 18.02
Over 18 to 24 ft. Steel 8.625 27.12
Table -2: Commercial Chain Link Fence Gate Frame Dimensions
Gate fabric height Material Outside diameter of pipe (in.) Minimum weight (lb/ft.)
6 ft. or less Steel 1.66 1.83
Over 6 ft. Steel 1.90 2.28
Interior bracing Steel 1.66 1.83
Commercial single swing gate with horizontal bracing.
CSG-02: Single commercial gate.
Black vinyl-coated double swing gate for business.
CSG-03: Black double swing gate.

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