0871LH1 датчик замерзающего дождя

The 0871LH1 Freezing Rain Sensor is a small, low-energy sensor that can monitor icing conditions to facilitate preventive measures to prevent damage to power lines and communications, to warn in advance of the dangers of movement, and to report wind turbine blades or aircraft wings. Icing conditions, etc. The ice detector on the sensor has the function of automatically removing ice. The main component is a nickel alloy rod with a natural resonant frequency of 40 kHz. When ice is attached to the probe, additional weight will reduce the resonant frequency. When the frequency drops to 130 Hz (or ice thickness to 0.02 inches), the internal heating device starts to defrost the sensor automatically. 0871LH1 should be installed in a direction with an inclination of 20 to 30º from the direction of the main wind. This contributes to the discharge of water at the bottom of the sensor.

Benefits & Features
1. Used to prevent damage to cables and prevent icing of roads, icing of aircraft wings and icing of wind turbine blades
2. User selectable output
3. When the ice thickness reaches 0.5 mm, automatic defrosting can be achieved
Wind power application
0871LH1 can control icing on the blades of wind turbines because icing is very harmful:
1. The impeller can throw large chunks of ice into a distant place, which is extremely dangerous and potentially deadly.
2. Icing can cause an uneven load on the turbine blades, bearings and gears.
3. Icing will affect generator output
0871LH1 can be used to study wind energy to help predict the time when a potential wind farm might not work properly due to icing conditions. In addition, users can also understand when icing can cause the sensor to fail to transmit data normally.
Ordering Information
Freezing rain sensor
0871LH1 Goodrich freezing rain sensor. Sensor cable and mounting kit required. If heating is required, a 24 V DC power supply component must be added.
Universal accessories
0871LH1CBL L0871LH1 sensor cable, you need to determine the length yourself, in feet enter the cable length after -L.
26966 0871LH1 Installation Package
26967 0871LH1 24V power supply
0871LH1 freezing rain sensor
critical point
When the detected icing thickness exceeds 0.5 mm ± 0.13 mm, the signal is activated.
Output format
RS-422 output, 9600 bps
Working voltage
From 18 to 29.5 V post.
Power consumption
Touch mode
24 volts, maximum power consumption 5 W
De-icing mode
24 volts, maximum power consumption 27 W
temperature range
Working temperature
–55 ° to + 71 ° C
storage temperature
–65 ° to + 90 ° C
Random vibration
7.9 grams (DO-160C, category E)
0.3 kg (0.7 lbs)
Base diameter
7.32 cm (2.88 in.)
Base height
3.81 cm (1.5 in.)
Tablet size
7.37 x 7.37 x 0.22 cm (2.9 x 2.9 x 0.085 inches)
Post diameter
3.10 cm (1.22 in.)
Post height
2.54 cm (1.0 in.)
Shaft diameter
0.64 cm (0.25 in.)
Boom height
2.54 cm (1.0 in.)
Work mode
Touch mode
No ice or ice thickness below the set value
De-icing mode
The thickness of the ice exceeds the set value
Intermittent Output
Icing signal

No icing
Icing detected
Status signal

normal work
Test failed
RS-422 Output
Icing signal

No icing
State failure

Electrical connector
Physical interface
Corresponding interface

Origin: United States

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