MPS-2 soil water potential sensor

The MPS-2 soil water potential sensor can be easily inserted into the soil profile pit and wrapped with wet soil around it. Measurement and recording are very simple. Maintenance-free, no need to calibrate to measure a large range of soil water potential (-5 to -500 kPa (pF 1.71 to pF 3.71)) without irrigation, the ultra-large range makes MPS-2 an ideal sensor for measuring the water potential of natural systems, especially tension Cavitation that cannot be measured by the gauge. MPS-2 adds a temperature measurement function, which can be used to estimate the water potential of partially frozen soil. MPS-2 can also be integrated with other data collector systems (such as Campbell Scientific) using serial or SDI-12 communication. Need to master programming skills and write some sampling programming.

Technical Parameters
Soil water potential: ± 25% of reading or -5 ~ -100 kPa;
Soil temperature: ±1°C
Soil water potential: 0.1 kPa;
Soil temperature: 0.1°C
Measuring range
Soil water potential: -5 ~ -500kPa (pF 1.71 ~ pF 3.71);
Soil temperature: -40 ~ 50°C
Measuring speed
150 ms
Balance time
10 min. to 1 hr. related to soil water potential
sensor type
Frequency domain with calibrated ceramic plate
output method
RS232 (TTL) with 3.6 volt levels or SDI-12 communication protocol
powered by
3.6-15 VDC, wait state 0.03 mA, maximum value 10 mA during 150 ms measurement state
Cable length
5m, other lengths can be customized
Interface Type
3.5mm head jack or tinned bare wire jack (3-wire head)
working environment
-40 ~ 50°C
9.6 cm (l) x 3.5 cm (w) x 1.5 cm (d)
Support data mining
(Not included in standard configuration)
Campbell Scientific: All data acquisition with serial I/O interface, including CR10X, CR23X, any CRBasic type logger (CR850, 1000, 3000, etc.)
Other: A system capable of collecting 3.6-15V excitation data, and equipped with serial port or SDI-12 communication mode.

Origin: United States

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