DF Fruit Change Sensor

This instrument can locate and accurately observe the changes of plant fruits, the data can be read directly, or it can be automatically recorded by data acquisition;
The dedicated supporting decimals can be used for continuous measurement for 2 years;
Advantages: high accuracy, cheap, easy installation, stable performance, the sensor does not require power supply during measurement, almost no maintenance measures, special sizes can be customized.

Technical Parameters:


DF type

Measuring range

Measure the change of fruit diameter, suitable for fruits with a diameter of 3 ~ 11cm, more than 11 cm need to be specially made; do not harm the fruit.

Expand the scope

11 mm, the measurement object needs to be readjusted after more than 11 mm

Standard configuration

Sensor, fixed frame, 2 m cable.

Installation tool

Multimeter, two small wrenches, cable fixing straps.

Dimensions and weight

18×15×1.5 cm, 65 g

Read data

Need reading table or data collector

measurement accuracy

<5mm (Daily change of plant radius 0~300mm)

Temperature Coefficient

<0.1 mm/℃ (temperature change 1℃, change less than 0.1mm)

Applicable environment

Temperature -30~40°C, humidity 0~100%

output method

Analog output 0~50 kΩ, no power consumption.

Shell material

Surface reinforced aluminum, stainless steel

cable length

2 m, the cable can be extended to 20 m

Origin: Germany

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