PWS100 weather phenomenon sensor

PWS100 is a sensor based on the principle of laser, which accurately measures the visibility of rainfall by accurately measuring the size and speed of raindrops in the atmosphere. It can be used in roads, airports, and maritime weather stations. Advanced measurement techniques and calculation procedures are used to calculate the properties of precipitation particles.

Can identify many precipitation parameters, including drizzle, rainfall, snow, hail, hail;
Continuous, long-term unattended wilderness;
Compatible with multiple data collectors.

Technical principle:
PWS100 is a weather phenomenon sensor based on the principle of laser to measure precipitation visibility parameters. It can be used in automatic weather stations on roads, maritime and airports. Based on advanced measurement techniques and fuzzy logic algorithms, the PWS100 can detect individual precipitation particle types including precise dimensions, velocity values ​​and received signal structures. The auxiliary measurement function of temperature and relative humidity provides good particle size classification.
PWS100 includes a digital signal processor (DSP) unit connected to the sensor arm, including a laser head and two probes. Each probe is based on a 20° axis offset of the laser unit (one on the horizontal plane and the other on the vertical plane). Equipped with a mounting bracket for connecting the DSP unit to the pole.

Measuring range: 40 cm2/ls;
IP rating: IP 66 (NEMA 4X);
Shell material: Iridite NCP, coated aluminum (RoHS certified), hard anodized aluminum, components are covered with marine protection grade paint;
Power requirements:
DSP: 9 to 24 Vdc; or 9 to 16 Vdc (when CS215-PWS temperature and humidity sensor is attached);
Current consumption: 200 mA to 1 A;
Hood heater: 24 Vac or dc, 7 A;
Communication: RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485;
Transmission rate: 300 bps to 115.2 kbps (optional);
Control unit: DSP custom panel;
Electromagnetic compatibility: The test complies with BS EN61326:1998 standard.
Optical characteristics:
Laser source: Near-infrared diode, 1M class eye safety unit output;
Peak wavelength: 830 nm;
Modulation frequency: 96 kHz;
Receiver: photodiode, based on bandpass filter;
Spectral response: The maximum spectral sensitivity is 850nm, 0.62 A/W (830 nm is 0.6 A/W);
Lens detection light source: near infrared LED.
Measurement parameters:
Particle size: 0.1 mm to 30 mm;
Dimensional accuracy: ±5% (particles larger than 0.3 mm);
Particle velocity: 0.16 m/s to 30 m/s;
Speed ​​accuracy: ±5% (particles larger than 0.3 mm);
Types of precipitation monitoring: drizzle, rainfall, snow particles, snowflakes, hail, ice particles, hail and mixtures of the above;
Rain intensity range: 0 to 400 mm/h;
Rainfall resolution: 0.0001 mm.
Comprehensive accuracy error of precipitation: typical ±10% (under reference particles and standard experimental conditions), the accuracy will be reduced in windy, frozen, and heavy rainfall.
Visible distance: 0 to 20,000 m;
Visibility accuracy: ±10% to 10,000 m;
Visibility measurement interval: 10s-2h (user selectable);
External sensor: SDI-12 sensor, such as CS215-PWS temperature and humidity sensor.

Origin: United States

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