Canless Recessed Light

Instead of requiring a light bulb, canless led lights typically consists of thin discs with integrated LED lights. This means that if some LEDs stop working, the whole fixture must be replaced. However, LED lights have a very long life span and will dim as they age rather than completely burning out. LED lights are also more energy efficient than traditional bulbs.

Canless lights don’t require housing or an electrical box; the trim is typically built-in.

Types of Canless Recessed Lights

4 Inch Canless Recessed Lighting

6 Inch Canless Recessed Lighting

What Is The Benefit Of Canless Recessed Light?

Since most canless lights utilize LEDs, they tend to be more energy-efficient than can lights. This is because the lack of a fixture means there aren't holes for heat and air conditioning to escape through, and LED lights are more energy-efficient than other bulbs.

There’s a lot of variation among canless light manufacturers when it comes to installation procedures. Each product will come with its own how-to instructions.

Canless lights are a low-profile lighting option, and they fit easily into a variety of architectural themes. In a room with a modern design, canless lights provide a sleek look. You can use them in combination with more traditional types of lighting, such as chandeliers and pendant lights, to provide additional brightness in corners or any area where you’d like mood lighting.

What Is The Benefit Of Canless Recessed Lighting?

What Is The Difference Between Can And Canless Recessed Lighting?

The shape of a can protects the light bulb, and they often have an electrical box in the top of the housing. On the other hand, canless lights are not contained in a can. Instead, they are a single unit with a thin housing connected directly to your electrical wires.

Canned lights are easier to install if you haven't finished the drywall yet and if the light fails, you only need to replace a bulb. Canless lights are easier to install on a ceiling that's already finished.

How Far From The Wall Should Canless Recessed Lights Be?

This can also have the effect of visually lowering the ceiling. For example, the proper pot or can light distance from a wall is approximately 3 feet away to minimize unsightly shadows. When canless downlights reflect on the wall at the appropriate distance, they should make the room seem brighter and larger.

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