Activated Carbon Desiccant

Activated Carbon Desiccant
The role of activated carbon depends on its own adsorption function, which can effectively adsorb. Hazardous substances and odors floating in the air in a free state. Made of bamboo as raw material, fast adsorption, high adsorption capacity, iodine value can reach more than 1000.

Features of Activated Carbon Desiccant
Activated bamboo charcoal has high mechanical strength, developed pore structure, and the specific surface area can reach 2000㎡/g.

Dispose of it together with regular ordinary waste after use.

It can also be recycled, subject to relevant environmental protection policies.

Specification Of Activated Charcoal Desiccant

Porduct Specification Quantity
Activated Carbon Desiccant 1g/2g 1000pcs/bag

Ingredient of Activated Carbon Desiccant

Product name Composition
Activated Carbon Desiccant Bamboo Carbon

KOBSO was founded in 2012 in Hong Kong, it is a leading international supply chain anti-mold service provider. Providing factory environment monitoring and evaluation, temperature and humidity control tracking, mildew risk analysis and supply chain management and control solutions for manufacturers, importers and exporters of shoes, apparel, leather goods, furniture, electronics and other products.

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