Heat Stable Alpha Glucomaylase

Heat stable alpha Glucoamylase was extracted from Bacillus licheniform is NO.2709 after fermentation. The strain was identified as safe by FDA. This product has good heat resistance and low PH value adaptability. It can be used in the "liquefaction process" of starch sugar, alcohol, beer, lactic acid, and citric acid industries. It can also be used in the "desizing process" of the textile industry. Buy glucoamylasefrom Shingenzyme.

Product info

Heat Stable Alpha Glucomaylase components

Glucoamylase stabilizer dispersant

Specifications / physicochemical properties:

Appearance requirements: brown powder preparation, with the smell of microbial fermentation products.

PH value (25 C): stable between 5.5-9.0, preferably between 5.8-7.0.

Enzyme activity: greater than or equal to 40000u/g

Function: temperature range is 80-100 ℃, the most suitable

temperature: 95-105 ℃

Heat Stable Alpha Glucomaylase Health indicators

Heavy metals (Pb)% less than 0.004

The total number of colonies CFU/mL is less than 50000.

Coli group MPN/100mL is less than 3000.

Mold CFU/mL is less than 200.

Salmonella should not be detected.

Definition of Enzyme Activity

A glycosylase unit is the amount of enzyme needed to hydrolyze a soluble starch in an hour to produce 1mg glucose.

Heat Stable Alpha Glucomaylase Packing

Non-toxic plastic drum, 20kg/ barrel, 25kg/ barrel

Heat Stable Alpha Glucomaylase Storage

Store in a cool, ventilated, dry place (suggested below 25 ℃).

Period of Validity

Under the condition of 25 ℃, if saved for 3 months, enzyme activity to save more than 90%; If stored for six months, the enzyme activity exceeds 80%.

Heat Stable Alpha Glucomaylase Usage

Recommended dosage: 0.35-0.6 l/t of starch for sugar and glutamate industry "liquefaction process", others 0.15-0.3 l/t of starch.

Safety Matters

Enzymes are proteins that can cause allergies or allergic reactions in certain people.

Prolonged contact may cause discomfort in the skin, eyes, and nasal mucosa.

Therefore, any overflow, even a small overflow should be cleaned up in time.

Wash the enzyme solution immediately on the skin or eyes with water and seek guidance from a specialist.

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