On the preservation line, sheets and profiles are thoroughly blast cleaned and provided with a temporary corrosion protection coating. Along with the external transportation unit, the preservation line consists of a pass through blasting and road shot blasting machine, a painting unit and a drying tunnel with its associated slat conveyor.

Typical plates widths can vary up to 2500mm, height can vary from 5mm to 1000mm, length can vary from 2000mm to 12000mm.

The whole roller conveyor system adopts frequency control step-less speed regulation, is able to synchronous running, each department is capable of independent action.

Blast cabinet’ rollers are with special wear-resistant sleeves to prevent blasting abrasion.

Plate chain conveyor with "v" shaped structure, painted steel short-term exposure to avoid film damage.

Workpiece detection (measure height) adopted world-famous brand photoelectric detection, workpiece width measurement device send a signal to PLC so as to

automatically adjust abrasive feeding valve opening number.

First level: Brush+abrasive reclamation

Second level: high-pressure blower blow the workpiece twice one after another after blast cleaning

Each of the abrasive reclamation system drive points equipped failure alarm function.

Using HR4-48 Donaldson filter material cartridge dust collector, the dust removal efficiency ≥ 99.5%, dust emission is less than 30mg/M3.

Adopting GRACO X45DL4 high-pressure Airless spraying pump, compression ratio 45:1, flow 38L/min,

Using a standard linear guide trolley, frequency conversion buffer on both ends of trolley stroke. Workpiece detection and transmission system separated from the spray gun set, paint mist interference-free, easy to clean paint scale.

Adopt dielectric Heaters and hot air circulation principle so that the heat can be fully utilized.

Drying room temperature adjustable from 40℃ to 70℃

Plate chain conveyor systems increase the eccentrical wheels, which saved the problems of deviation and high rate failure.

This system has automatic explosion-proof alarm function for paint mist concentration. Adopt advanced cardboard to filter paint mist, it is maintenance-free within one year, using activated carbon for adsorption of harmful gases. After this system it will be in accordance with the air pollution emission standards. (Paint mist emission standard ≤ 120mg/M3, p-xylene: emissions concentrations ≤ 70mg/M3, the 15 meters height exhaust pipe allows the secondary emission rate is 1.0kg/h. )

Sandblasting RoomBody

The wall of the sandblasting equipment body uses a noise attenuation sandwich panel with glass wool interlayer and abrasion-resistant rubber liner. The rubber liner also has the noise attenuation function.

As the sand blasting machine manufacturers, QINGGONG MACHINERY mainly supplies four types of partial reclaim systems, including sweep-chute floor, single screw, H-shaped partial reclaim system, and U-shape partial reclaim system.

QINGGONG MACHINERY also offers a full spectrum of blast room reclaim floor designs and configurations. Our full floor reclaim system requires merely a shallow concrete foundation. The type of sandblasting room is carefully designed to lift working effiency.

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