Niceone-tech is a custom high-tech membrane switches manufacturer producing custom membrane switch, silicone products, graphic overlay panels, and other plastic products, and has passed ISO9001:2015. Niceone-tech's custom membrane switches are widely used in medical, industrial control, automation, rail transit, aviation and navigation, network communications, consumer electronics, instrumentation, agricultural machinery, equipment manufacturing, and other fields. Eighty percent of our customers are from Europe and America. We are familiar with the requirements and business processes of foreign customers. At the same time, each member of the engineering team has at least 10 years of experience in the industry. Niceone-tech is committed to providing high quality and high value-added human-machine interface accessories and hopes to make friends with customers to win more orders. Apply membrane switch productsand panel in different industries.

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Membrane Switch

Membrane switches are simply a part of electronic equipment and are often regarded as user interfaces or human-machine interfaces. A membrane switch can also be called a membrane panel. Generally composed of Polyester, Lexan, Polycarbonate, adhesive, snap dome, connector, conductive inks, carbon ink, or copper flex circuit.

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Backlit Membrane Switch

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Featured Membrane Switch

The membrane switch in the form of a backlight is a backlight in which the backlight is fused. There are usually four types of backlight: LED lights, LGF, EL and optical fiber As a result, the membrane switch logo or button has reached the form of the backlight so that the product can be used in the dark. This type of product is loved by medical and industrial device companies and sold well in foreign markets. We believe that backlit membrane switches will gradually become the mainstream of membrane switches.

Components & Options

Graphic Overlays

Dome Arrays

Custom Plastic Products

Silicone Rubber Keypad


Components & Options

Graphic overlay: Graphic overlay is a film product with printed text, pattern, or logo light behind PVC, PC, PET, and other materials. It has a protective or marking effect. Usually different adhesive tapes such as 3M, Nitto adhesive tape, etc will be attached to the back. Some panels even play a role in antibacterial and anti-ultraviolet due to the choice of materials. Thin graphic panels overlay are widely used in various automated machines and various industrial electronic products.


Incoming Quality Control ( iqc )

Cutting Material

Printing Panels And Screen Printing

Check The Graphic Panels And Circuit

Die Cutting Products

Assembly Product

Qc Again After Embossing The Membrane Overlay

Punch Holes In Panels Circuit And Adhesive

Electrical Function Test And Appearance Test

Shipment Of Packaging Products


Membrane switches are essential electronic components for many household products, medical products and even military equipment. Membrane switches can also be called membrane keypads and membrane panels. More often, the membrane switch is a customized product, so how to design an excellent membrane switch has always been the mainstream melody of the industry.

Fortunately, Niceone-tech has more than 20 years of experience in this industry and can customize membrane switches that best suit customers' needs. If you have detailed drawings, then our project will analyze whether the drawings can be customized for production, whether it is necessary to adjust some material structure, color matching, button load, etc. If it's just an idea, Niceone-tech will do our best to help customers realize their drawings and meet their needs. Niceone-tech is very grateful to our customers for their trust. Customers from different industries have cooperated with us.



Understand Customer Needs

Receive drawings and orders from customers and understand customer needs.



The engineers will analyze the drawings, whether the product can be realized, and at the same time communicate with customers whether they need to adjust the drawings to better meet the customer's application needs.


Sample making

After the drawings are confirmed, Niceone-tech membrane switch factory will make samples.


Test sample

When the membrane switch samples are completed, we will conduct sample testing.

g Step05

Packaging and shipping

When the membrane switch sample is tested, the product will be sent to the address specified by the customer.


Sample confirmation, mass production

After all the samples are confirmed, Niceone-tech will start mass production after receiving your bulk order.


Inspection and packaging of bulk cargo

Usually the test includes: whether the color is correct, ink adhesion, size, shrapnel load and life, electrical function, waterproof performance, etc.


Packaging and shipping

When the membrane switch is tested, the product will be sent to the address specified by the customer.


Because Niceone-tech is a factory with more than 20 years of experience in the production of membrane switches and silicone, and has an excellent engineering team, quality team and production team.

An excellent engineering team can discover product loopholes and potential problems during the design process, give customers timely feedback, and avoid many production problems.

Niceone-tech's production team ensures the accurate delivery of samples and bulk goods.

The quality team ensures product quality.

At the same time, Niceone-tech is a Chinese membrane switch manufacturer.

In summary, our price is moderate, ensuring that we can give customers accurate opinions, regulate potential problems, and ensure delivery and excellent quality are the biggest advantages of Niceone-tech.

Contact us, we will give you an answer within 24 hours.

Niceone-tech is a professional custom switch manufacturer. We provide Membrane Keypad, Membrane Switch Panel, human machine interface control moduleand so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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