Agricultural and Sideline Products Deep Processing

Advanced agriculture process engineering machinical types of equipment, testing instruments, sophisticated manufacturing production technology in agriculture, and strict & perfect quality management system. Hongvadar agricultural product processing held the ISO9001 quality system certification. Most science & technology teams with professional agriculture production technology. Leading level of science to make full use of the new processes, new technology, new materials to ensure the stability and reliability of products in agriculture step by step process.

Agricultural and Sideline Products Processing Equipment

Fluid Bed Dryer System

Fixed fluidized bed dryer effectively reduces the dust leakage in the soft connection part of agricultural food processing, improves the production environment, reduces the equipment failure rate, and reduces the civil construction investment.

High efficiency. First-in-first-out, effective prevention and control of product color difference.

Spray Granulation Fluidized Bed Drying System

High density, uniform moisture, high strength, good sphericity, not easy to absorb moisture, good fluidity, and other characteristics of dry products.

No dust, no peculiar smell, vacuum operation, and clean site environment during granulation and drying process of agricultural food production process.

Energy recycling and utilization, low energy consumption.

Continuous Evaporative Crystallization System

Suitable for the products in farm produce processingwith general requirements on crystal shape and size, and with high concentration discharging.

Various evaporative crystallization systems can be designed according to the characteristics of materials and the evaporation capacity.

Continuous feed, continuous discharge.

Relatively low temp. evaporation, fast evaporation speed, high evaporation concentration, and the relatively high viscosity of the liquid material are not easy to scale or block, which can achieve the maximum crystal ratio under the same energy consumption.

Rotary Vacuum Filter

Personalized design to meet the needs of different customers;

High production capacity, low wet of filter cake, easy to unload;

Continuous automaticand simple operation in agricultural products processing and storage;

The high clarity of filtrate and high recovery rate of materials .

Evaporator System

Running stably, highly efficient and energy-saving & low steam consumption.

High concentration ratio in food processing of agricultural products

Low evaporation temp, suitable for the concentration of heat-sensitive materials.

High separation effect and greater flexible operation

Filter Press

The upper part of the main beam is covered with 304 stainless steel, which can effectively reduce the friction resistance between the filter plate and the main beam and reduce the working strength;

Filter plate adopts new raw materials and formula, high pressure molding, high strength, high working pres, high filtration efficiency, no blocking, no breaking plate, with high strength, light weight, high temp. resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, non-toxic, tasteless and other characteristics;

Equipped with a variety of safety devices to ensure the safety of operators, simple operation, convenient maintenance;

It optional equipped with PLC control, automatic plate shifting, automatic unloading, automatic drip tray, diaphragm pressing, open flow or dark flow, washing/blowing mode, high temp. resistance of filter board, etc.

Beijing Hongvadar Engineering Technology Co. Isa professional tomato processing factory, we provide tomato processing plant for sale, continuous crystallization equipmentand etc. For more info about agricultural production processand crop process engineering, contact us.

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