Online Particle Size Analyzer

BT-Online1 online particle size measurement is an on-line particle size monitoring system for real-time particle size monitoring and control in powder manufacturing industries. Driven by Standard Operation Procedure (SOP), the particle size monitor automatically samples, measures, recovers and processes data directly from the powder delivery pipeline, providing 24-hour particle size detection and control for a variety of dry powder production lines.
Measurement: Particle size
Particle size range: 0.1 to 1000µm
Dispersion type: Dry
Technology: Laser diffraction

Features and Benefits

Measuring range: 0.1 - 1000 µm
Repeatability: ≤3% (GBRM D50)
Accuracy: ≤3% (GBRM D50)
SOP: Standard Operation Procedure
Detectors: 68 pieces
Test speed: ≤1 min
High-performance semiconductor laser with long lifespan
Automatic Alignment
Automatic Centering


As well as being able to continuously monitor particle size analysis of nanoparticles, the system also has a function for real-time feedback and control. The system will collect real-time size data and perform calculations against the particle size control limits. It automatically generates the feedback signal to the control center. This closed loop feedback control system will achieve better quality improvement, higher efficiency, reduce wastage and save energy.

By moving the laser detector center point to the focus point of the lens before each test, the automatic centering function guarantees perfect conditions of the optical system, therefore providing accurate and repeatable testing results.

This function maintains operating parameters at consistent conditions, producing consistent and reproducible measurement across the board for all instruments, old and new.

Sample dispersion is achieved by accelerating the powder through a venturi. The "backflush" and tapered pipe design prevents blockage of the sampling tube, and keeps the residual powder clean, ensuring the accuracy and continuity of real-time testing.

Three different dispersion mechanisms can act upon the sample:

The system has power interruption protection and over-pressured protection functions. Under these abnormal operating conditions, it will initiate an automatic shutdown

sequence to protect the system from harm. The electrical and mechanical system of the BT-online1 has robust interference protections; it is ready for the haphazard nature of a production environment and an electromagnetic interference prone environment.

Using the controlled principle of aerodynamics, we devised the double air-cushion lens protection system. The contamination prevention technology will form an invisible double air shield between the sample stream and the lens, eliminating the optics from contamination from sampling, as well as a dust-prone environment. With this technology, the ultimate goal of a long duration of sustainable operation, providing real-time, continuous particle size monitoring and control can be realized. Accuracy and continuous monitoring of the production data can be achieved.


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