Classification of rake

Classification of rake

bring you knowledge about.Rake is a traditional agricultural and garden tools, the product of human wisdom, will hand and finger dexterity concept to expand to a larger scope. It is mainly used for loosening the surface soil of flower bed and flower border and mashing the larger mud.

  1. Leaf rake is a necessary tool for spring and autumn garden cleaning. In need of combing and cleaning perennials, shrubs, trees under the fallen leaves and other debris, are not lack of leaf rake help, with elastic rake teeth can quickly collect fallen leaves and litter on the ground, to avoid damage to the surrounding plants.2.Loose soil rakeThe loose soil rake has flat teeth, loosens the soil, ventilates the soil, and promotes root respiration. The flat tip does not damage the plant and is one of the garden tools that must be purchased in the garden.3.Removable rakeMoveable rake is used for lawn maintenance to remove dead grass from the lawn. The active hoe can easily remove the grass according to the size of the human body.4.Onion rakeThe half-moon hand hoe is also called an "onion rake" by gardeners. Its size is small, but it is designed to produce great power, sharp edges, work in small or dense Spaces, cut weeds under flower and vegetable beds, and dig for fruit in the soil.Our company also provide, please feel free contact us.

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Classification of rake
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