Industrial Molding Parts

Industrial hanking mould parts are referred to the plastic parts of industrial products, HanKing Mould Enginering Ltd.preferred to think of it as non-consumer products.

Nowadays, the demand for consumer products is oversupplied, and the demand for industrial precision molded products incis increasing. This is because many parts of the equipment in the past were made of metal. With the development of the plastics industry, more and more industrial product parts are trying plasticization. Metal parts have higher density, greater strength, and thermal and electrical conductivity. However, plastic industrial parts have advantages in mechanical shock absorption, thermal expansion, elongation at break, and toughness. And the properties of plastics can be greatly transformed by the addition of fillers, reinforcing materials and modified materials, engineering plastics perform better in this respect. Use plastic to produce parts that are not necessary for high strength can reduce the weight of equipment, simplify the structure and save costs, this is why industrial molding parts are becoming more and more common.

Industrial injection molded parts chinarange from small plastic gears to large industrial equipment plastic enclosures. The design of the hanking moldis very complicated work, the plastic part structure, the different plastic resin, required life cycle, etc. many factors determine the mold construction.

Designersof Hankingtecmust master the properties of different plastics and mould steel, and consider the temperature change, pressure change, steel abrasion during the production process, designed qualified mould.

If the mould structure of hanking moulding is unreasonable, even the most excellent operator of hanking mould technology can not get good plastic parts. The design of hanking defects cannot be solved by the defects in the production process. Only when all the factors are considered in the design of the mould, the shenzhen hankingmould quality and stability of the mass production can be guaranteed.

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