Full Automatic Intelligent Ion Exchange System

HongVadar company provides you the Lysine, Tryptophan, Threonine, Valine, Leucine, etc. fermentation products project. HongVader as agricultural processing plants play the roles of corn, sweet corn processing plant, starch production plant, starch of corn and wheat processing plant, taking wheat, rice, cassava processing, msg project, and production lines of ethanol glucose, DMH, fructose, sorbitol.

HVD-AIE-Q automatic intelligent ion exchange water filter system, using valve array control, desalting (decoloring), regeneration, washing at the same time, intelligent control, one-button start, online monitoring of various indicators during cation and anion exchange in the ion exchange treatment tank. The ion exchange equipment adopts bottom feeding and top discharging. The ion exchange chemicalmaterial is in full contact with the mixed bed ion exchange resin and the pressure is reduced to avoid the resin breaking. Compared with the traditional ion exchange machine, the consumption of chemicals and detergents can be saved by nearly 50%.

Features ofFull Automatic Intelligent Ion Exchange System

  • Serial column desorption, low concentration to push high concentration, solves the problem of washing water strip in ion exchange water treatment unit.
  • Online backwashing and cross regeneration to ensure the waterion exchange resin filter exchange capacity.
  • Column ion exchange regeneration makes the regenerator fully utilized and reduces the consumption of the regenerator.
  • Ion exchange resin column washing reduces the amount of washing water and reduces the discharge qty. of sewage.
  • Valve array control of ion removal filtercan realize cross-column operation and facilitate equipment maintenance.
  • Automatic intelligent control reduces human factors and ensures the stability of discharging quality.

HongVadar relies on the professional design, the strict production management, the fine processing procedure, provides the high efficiency and energy savingion resin filter for the customer. The ion exchange company has passed the international ISO9001 quality system certification, and with the design and manufacturing capacity of pressure vessels. Customers can choose international ISO, EU CE and other standardsion exchange technology products according to their needs with the best ion exchange filter priceand ion exchange resin cost.

Full Automatic Intelligent Ion Exchange System Technical Parameter

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