Honeycomb Paper Core Machine

The honeycomb paper core machineincludes 2 models. There are 7 parts: Heavy load hydraulic paper stand, Paper core gluing machine, Paper core conveying pressing machine, dryer, High-speed cutting machine, Paper core conveying machine, and Electrical control cabinet. This paper honeycomb core machine can produce honeycomb paper cores in a one-stop manner. The production process starts from the base paper to directly produce the cut honeycomb paper core. The introduction of foreign advanced technology of paper honeycomb core machines eliminates the need for paper cutters and butting machines for the traditional production of honeycomb cardboard. The biggest advantage of the honeycomb paper core machine is high automation and low labor cost.

Applications of Honeycomb Paper Core Machine

Honeycomb paper machineis widely used in packaging industry, transportation industry, making crafts or making honeycomb cardboard, etc. Honeycomb paper core has the characteristics of light material and environmental protection.

Honeycomb paper core machine can produce two kinds of honeycomb paper with different cells. Two sets of honeycomb gluing mechanisms with different cell sizes (the cell size is determined by the user) 4.5mm and 6mm paper glued simultaneously. Tooth rollers, gluing rollers, fine grinding, hard chrome plated surface, with umbrella size, seal ring for main gluing rollers. Each tooth roller can be transverse adjusted to adjust the cell shape of honeycomb. The decorative board on the paper honeycomb core machine is raised, the sides are curved, the paper platform guardrail is raised. Paper core is conveyed stably (Conveyor belt adopts NBR), which can adjust the frequency and speed individually on the paper honeycomb core machine. The honeycomb paper core machine is controlled by PLC, and it can walk synchronously. Besides the running speed can be adjusted independently for each section. Electric cabinet is dustproof.

As one of paper honeycomb core manufacturers, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

Honeycomb paper making machine of San machineryhas advanced cutting structure and technology, high cutting speed. With high degree of automation and lower loss, the honeycomb paperboard yield up to 98%. The honeycomb caliber is regular and uniform, which is easy and convenient to operation for workers.

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