Honeycomb Paperboard Machine

The honeycomb paperboard machineis composed of two parts Honeycomb Paper Core Machine and Honeycomb Paper Lamination Machine. This honeycomb paperboard machine production line includes a Heavy load hydraulic paper stand, a Paper core gluing machine, a Paper core conveying pressing machine, a Dryer, Paper cutter, Paper core conveyer, Motors and electrical parts, a Paper core expanding & pressing machine, Paper core expanding dryer, Laminating gluing machine1, Heavy load hydraulic paper stand, Hot re-pressing machine 1, Laminating gluing machine 2, Hot re-pressing machine 2, Cold pressing machine, Transverse cutting machine, Paper board conveying machine, Electrical parts. Our honeycomb paperboard machine manufacturers mature production lines to produce honeycomb paperboard. Our honeycomb paper board machines have the characteristics of advanced technology and fast production speed.

Types of Honeycomb Paperboard Machine

High Speed Honeycomb Paper Board Machine

Core paper (width*roll diameter): 2000mm*φ1200mm Cover paper (width *roll diameter): 1600*φ1200mm Paper width: 2000mm Paper core thickness: 10-60mm Finished board thickness: 10-60mm

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Normal Speed Honeycomb Paper Production Line

Model: FX-1300 Main material: corrugated paper, kraft liner board, tea paperboard and so on Width of continuous core: 1600mm Width of finished panel: 1300mm Thickness of core or panel: 8-80mm

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Advantages Of Honeycomb Board Machine

Our honeycomb board machine has the advantages of professional production, high degree of automation, advanced technology, reliable quality, advanced technology, stable and reliable performance.

Features Of Honeycomb Board Machine

Paper core bonding strongly, and the raw paper running smoothly.

The upper blade rest is made of steel castings, and the blade is made of high-speed steel which imported from Japan, with a hardness of HR 63 degrees. The lower blade rest is made of aluminum alloy, which is light in weight and high in strength.

Adjust paper core expanding speed by changing the frequency and speed according to different cell sizes when using honeycomb board machine.

Paper core pressing can improve the adhesion when paper core and surface paper laminating.

Honeycomb board machine can adjust frequency and speed individually.

Dual function gluing head:gluing surface paper or gluing paper core.

Gluing rollers of fine grinding, hard chrome plated surface.

The main cylinder of honeycomb board machine adopts Φ190×12 seamless steel tube.

The scraper roller uses an eccentric wheel to adjust the amount of glue.

Applications Of Honeycomb Board Machine

Honeycomb paperboard is made according to the principle of the natural honeycomb structure. Honeycomb board machine connects the corrugated base paper into countless hollow three-dimensional regular hexagons by glue bonding to form a whole force-bearing part-the paper core and the adhesive surfaces on both sides. A new type of sandwich structure is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving material made of paper.

Honeycomb cardboard used for packaging and transportation can not only protect the product but also reduce transportation costs. Specific applications are cushioning pads, gussets, etc.

Honeycomb paperboard has good cushioning properties, so it can also be used as a cushioning pad and isolation board for packaging like corrugated paperboard, and its honeycomb sandwich structure makes its cushioning performance better than corrugated paperboard. When using it as a corner pad, generally cut one layer of paper from the core paper according to the size of the cardboard, leaving only the other layer of paper not to be cut, relying on this layer of paper to connect several pads on different sides together, and then put on the corresponding parts of the contents to be protected.

San Machinery is a professional paper cutting machine manufacturer, we provide paper board making machines, honeycomb board machine and etc. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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