Agriculture SAP

Water absorbent polymer for agriculture

Hydrogel agriculture technology as it is popularly called can improve soil quality, preserve water and resist drought stress, agriculture sap can increase seed sprouting and seedling development leading to better farm success.

From the environmental aspects, it is non-polluting and biodegradable, helps in reducing irrigation frequency & water consumption and creates a simple cyclic process to provide water directly to roots and prevent soil compaction.

It has a wide area of application ranging from agriculture, forestry, industrial planting, municipal gardening, drought management, water conservation, agriculture sap helps reduce soil erosion by surface run-offs, fertilizer and pesticide leaching to ground water, reducing cost of water and irrigation and success rate at growth and high yields of crops.

Types of Agriculture SAP

Field Crops

Potassium polyacrylate is employed in field crops to improve soil water retention. It acts as a hydrogel after absorbing water for agriculture, capturing and holding moisture in the soil. This enhances the efficiency of irrigation, reduces water wastage, and ensures a consistent water supply for crop growth, especially in arid regions.

Transport for Seedling

When transporting seedlings, potassium polyacrylate is utilized to create a moisture-retaining gel around the roots. This gel provides a protective environment for the seedlings during transit, preventing dehydration and shock. This ensures a higher survival rate upon transplantation.

Adult Trees

In adult trees, potassium polyacrylate aids in water management by retaining moisture in the root zone. This is particularly beneficial during dry periods, helping trees withstand drought stress. Additionally, it promotes optimal nutrient absorption, contributing to overall tree health and growth.


Potassium polyacrylate is applied in vegetable cultivation to enhance water absorption in the soil. By maintaining a consistent moisture level, it supports the healthy development of vegetable crops, increases yield, and reduces the frequency of irrigation, making the cultivation process more efficient.


In horticulture, potassium polyacrylate is utilized to improve water retention in the soil, ensuring a steady supply for various ornamental plants and flowers. This water-absorbing polymer contributes to the overall health and aesthetics of the horticultural landscape.

Lawn Transplant

During lawn transplantations, potassium polyacrylate is employed to create a water-absorbing matrix around the roots of the transplanted grass. This minimizes transplant shock, promotes root establishment, and enhances the overall health and appearance of the newly transplanted lawn.

Greening Project

In greening projects, potassium polyacrylate is used to support the establishment of green spaces by improving soil water retention. This ensures sustainable growth of plants in urban areas, contributing to environmental conservation and enhancing the aesthetics of green projects.

SAP With Fertilizer

The combination of superabsorbent polymer (SAP) and fertilizer, such as potassium polyacrylate, provides a dual benefit. It not only retains moisture in the soil but also facilitates controlled release of nutrients. This integrated approach improves the efficiency of nutrient uptake by plants, leading to healthier and more productive crops or vegetation.

As a super absorbent polymer manufacturer, we provide hydrogel soil amendment, hydrogel application in agriculture, hydrogels for agriculture applications, biodegradable hydrogel for agriculture, hydrogel used in agriculture, sodium polyacrylate agricultural use, agriculture super absorbent polymer, etc. For more information, please feel free to contact us!

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