SodiumTanshinon IIAsilate

Pharmacological Efficacy

Sodium tanshinone IIA Asilate is a water-soluble substance obtained by sulfonation of a diterpenoid tanshinone IIA isolated from Salvia Miltiorrhza. It is a brick red crystalline powder; it is odorless and has a slightly bitter taste; it has a hygroscopicity; in case of high heat, it has a deep gradient. Dissolved in hot water, slightly soluble in methanol or ethanol, insoluble in chloroform.

1. Anti-atherosclerosis: The effect of sodium Tan IIA sulfonate (DS-201) on the expression of c-myc related to vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation was investigated by in situ hybridization. Macrophage-derived growth factor was found. It significantly promotes the high expression of c-myc in smooth muscle cells, leading to smooth muscle cell proliferation, while DS-201 can prevent this effect, reduce the expression level of c-myc, and inhibit the proliferation of smooth muscle cells. It is suggested that DS-201 may play an anti-atherosclerotic effect by preventing the proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells.

2. Reduce myocardial infarct size: all kinds of angina can be improved, and acute myocardial infarction with severe pain symptoms also have a significant relief; using a myocardial infarction model of ligation of the dog's anterior descending coronary artery, intravenous injection DS-201, the results of myocardial infarct size reduction, the effect is very significant. Coronary intra-arterial administration also significantly reduced myocardial infarct size in dogs, and its efficacy was comparable to that of dipyridamole.

3. Reduce myocardial oxygen consumption: reduce myocardial oxygen consumption is conducive to the treatment of ischemic coronary heart disease. After blocking the coronary blood flow in the dog, the left ventricular diastolic blood pressure of the control group was increased by intravenous saline, while the experimental group of the intravenous drip DS-201 was significantly reduced. This indicates that DS-201 may reduce myocardial oxygen consumption by reducing left ventricular wall tension and heart volume.

4. Cardiovascular effects: Experiments have shown that DS-201 inhibits thrombosis and platelet aggregation in vitro in mice and rats.

5. Expansion of the coronary artery, significantly increase coronary blood flow, slow heart rate, increase myocardial contractility, improve myocardial metabolic disorders and cardiac function caused by hypoxia, thereby improving myocardial tolerance to hypoxia.

6. Inhibition of blood clotting;

7. Promote tissue repair;

8. Lower blood lipids;

9. Protect red blood cells and inhibit bacterial growth, while protecting the erythrocyte membrane.

10. There is calcium channel block effect.

[Indications]can be used as coronary heart disease angina and myocardial infarction, cerebral artery and retinal artery and peripheral vein thrombosis, Behcet's syndrome, nodular erythema.

[Adverse Reactions]The toxicity is very small, and some patients may have local pain during intramuscular injection. A person has a rash that disappears after stopping the drug.

[Clinical Drug Application]can be used for coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, and can also be used for ventricular premature ventricular. The efficacy of patients with coronary heart disease is similar to that of compound Danshen injection.

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