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GrenTech's comprehensive optical transmission equipmentportfolio ranges across virtually every communication network,

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Types of Fibers in Optical Communication

Advantages of Optical Transmission

Application of Optical Communication

The Internet, mobile s, IP s and other devices use networks to connect everyone to their region, to the entire country, and even to the global communications network. Signals from computers and mobile s, for example, are received in the base stations of local carriers and network providers and are then transmitted around the world via optical fibres in undersea cables.

Because of its efficiency and high transmission capacity, fiber optic transmissionis widely applied for data transmission and is progressively being employed in place of metal cables. Fiber optic cables have now indeed largely replacing copper twisted-pair cable or coaxial cable.

Certainly that as the use and demand for high bandwidth and fast speeds grow, fiber optic transmission will provide more options and will be continually developed and extended to meet future needs. Contact Grentech for more fiber transmission and optical fibre cost info!

Optical Transmission FAQ


What is optical transmission?


Video, audio and control signals are generally transmitted through an electric wire made of copper.

In contrast, a method for sending these signals as optical signals and converting them back into electric signals on the receiver side is generally called "optical transmission" or "optical communication."

The optical signals are transmitted through an optical fiber. Conversion from electricity into the light is called "E/O conversion," and conversion from light back into electricity is called "O/E conversion."


How does optical communication work?


We rely on them to transmit light signals over long distances. At the transmitting source, the light signals are encoded with data… the same data you see on the screen of a computer. So, the optical fiber transmits “data” by light to a receiving end, where the light signal is decoded as data.

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