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Founded in 1999, GrenTech is a leading developer and manufacturer of the global communication RF industry. We integrate R&D, production and sales of wireless communication systems, RF products and optical communication.

Types of Optical Fiber Communication

Optical Transmission

The telecommunications market has been influenced by optical optical fibre transmission. Fiber optics have been the preferred choice for Ethernet backbone infrastructure, high-speed internet services, and general data networking attributed to its steady stability over many years. GrenTech provides optical transceivers, passive products and other optical communication devices for various fields.

Optical Transceiver Wholesale

Passive Product

Mobile Network Access Equipment

GrenTech provides indoor and outdoor mobile network access and coverage equipment including wireless repeaters, optic fiber repeaters and BTS Remote Radio Unit(RRU or RRH) for more than 20 years, GrenTech's Access and coverage products cover 2G,3G, 4G and 5G in all Bands and GrenTech provides customized design to different clients.


4G Portable RRU

Base Station RF Front End

Qualified major RF front end solution provider of World major mobile network solution vendors in Base Station field. GrenTech provides RF filters, diplexers, duplexers, combiners and TMAs in the telecom industry with more than 20 years of product R&D experience.

Base Station RF Filter

Base Station Duplexer

Miniaturized RF Filters for 5G Base Station

5G Metal Oscillator Large Array Antenna

5G Plastic Oscillator Large Array Antenna

Ceramic Dielectric Filter

GrenTech owns a completed industrial chain for ceramic products, including powder development, dry pressing, sintering, metallizing, product R&D and manufacturing, provides ceramic products and services to major communication equipment manufacturers in the world.

Ceramic Waveguide Filter

Ceramic Resonator

Microwave Ceramic Powder

Monoblock Filter MONO

GrenTech Technology Strength

As one of communication equipment manufacturers, GrenTech has more than 400 R&D and professional technicians, accounting for more than 22% of the total number of employees. It has a number of laboratories with advanced equipments such as RF system laboratory, 5g RF filter laboratory, 5G antenna laboratory and ceramic dielectric filter laboratory. It participated and is participating in a number of 4G and 5G communication research projects of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province and Shenzhen Science, Technology and Innovation Commission.

Optical Communication Application

5G Network And Telecom

Fiber Access Network

Optical Transmission Network

Data Center

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