MD-600/200 metal detector

MD-600/200 metal detector

Metal detectors are mainly used in the detection of metal impurities in the food industry, and metal detectors for food.
Pipeline type. Belt is a conveyor belt. Put food on the belt and pass through the probe. If it contains metal impurities, it will give an alarm, stop or discharge.
Except. The pipeline is mainly free floor type, and the food falls freely. After passing through the probe, it will give an alarm and then be discharged.
And features:
Product features
1. The phase adjustment technology can effectively inhibit the product effect.
2. High-speed digital signal processing device and intelligent algorithm are adopted to improve the detection accuracy and stability.
3. It can detect various metal materials such as iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and lead.
4, LCD screen display, Chinese and English menu screen, easy to realize man-machine dialogue operation.
5. Intelligent self-learning function, which can detect frozen food (such as dumplings and frozen fish), meat, rice, pickled products, etc.
6. It has memory function, supports the storage of product parameters of many different products, and can adapt to more product groups.
7. Simple detachable rack, which is convenient for users to clean.
8. Special design of conveyor belt to avoid deviation of conveyor belt.
9. The performance-price ratio is high and the price is very attractive.
10. Made of all stainless steel, the whole machine has excellent waterproof performance. Bearing capacity ≤30Kg

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