Uni-Flow Wall Mounted Ventilator-BG Series

Thenow Uni-Flow wall mounted ventilator-BG Series is very smart and its installation is very easy,and its unique PTC function ensures you enjoy warm fresh air in winter.

Features of Uni-Flow Wall Mounted Ventilator-BG Series:

BLDC motor, lower noise

Unique air duct design, fast purification and ventilation

Specific electric auxiliary heat function, enjoy natural warm air in winter

Environmental friendly, 2-days work power consumption lower than 1kw under biggest volume

Simply appearance, easy to install and maintenance

Pre filter + HEPA filter

Technical Data of Uni-Flow Wall Ventilation System-BG Series



Air Flow(m³/h)


Noise dB(A)


Appication Area (㎡)

Size(LxWxT mm)


220V 50Hz







cellar ventilation systems

As we all know,climate control is an extremely important part of any wine cellar design,especially keeping constant and stable temperature and humidity environment. The role of the proper cellar cooling system plays is becoming obviously. Thenow wine cellar constant temperature and humidity system can maintain the proper wine storage enviornment in the range of 10~16 degree centigrade and 50~70% RH, whatever your wine your wine cellar located in cool climate or temperature climate or hot and humid climates or hot and arid climates.

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