Chinese Lantern Festival & Motif Lighting

We've been selling holiday lights and commercial festival light decorations since 2004. Our Chinese lantern wholesaleis popular in domestic market. Whether it is a 20 meters or 30 meters high commercial Christmas tree in a public square or simply a string of multicolour LED bulbs, we love the feeling of bringing happiness by offering beautiful lighted products for your holiday and we are proud of our job! This is why an increasing amount of products are sold by us to different countries around the world every year.

Chinese Lantern Festival

The festive lanterns are originated from the traditional Chinese festival - Lantern Festival, which has a history of development for thousands of years.

Festive Lantern

The festive lanterns are original from the traditional Chinese festival - Lantern festival which has a history of development for thousands of years.

Amimal Shaped Lighting

The shapes of the lanterns are different and there are many kinds , such asthe shapes of various animals , the image is lifelike.

Plant Shaped Lighting

The lanterns have different shapes and various types, such as all kinds offlower shapes with thousands of shapes and are extremely beautiful.

Architecture Lantern

Various famous old buildings , such as Old Summer Palace , Eiffel TowerLondon Bridge and so on.

Parade Float Lantern

All kinds of floats are suitable for all kinds of carnivals , music festivals , sportsmeeting opening ceremonies and so on.

Lantern Group On Water

Various color boats are suitable for dragon boat color boats of ChineseDragon Boat Festival , Songkran , or other water activities.

Culture & History Memorial Lantern

Various folk historical stories and historical figures can be made into lampproducts which restore the story scene , its vivid and interesting.

Cartoon Animated Lantern

Various animal cartoons, anime cartoons, cute images.

Motif Lighting

LED IP65, waterproof, various shapes of led Chinese lantern lightscan be made according to customer needs, suitable for Easter Day, New Year, Christmas and so on. It works below 20-50 degrees.

The Manufacture Process of Chinese Lantern and Motif Lighting

We are a chinese lanterncompany from the branch of zigong lantern festival. We make chinese traditional lantern for sale. Our handmade paper lanterns like the Chinese painted silk lanternslights having brilliant silk lantern lightsare our star products. We are now also dedicated in the electric chinese lanterns. They are essential to lantern festival celebration for festival vibe.

01 Design: Making Design sketch according to Lantern show theme chinese traditional lantern for sale

02 Construction Drawing: Art designer draw construction drawing

03 Art lofting: Loft on the ground as actual making size

04 Mechanical modelling: Machinist make a shape by welding

05 Electrical manufacture: The electricians design and place the wires

06 Led installation: energy saving lamp installation

07 Paperhanging with colour cloth: The worker's paperhanging with different colour cloth

08 Art processing: Senior artist make appearance art creation

09 Assembling: the site installation of the lantern set

Our Services

lWe provide project planning ,CAD drawing, product designaccording to customer needs

l15 years experiences ofmaking animations andlanterns

lWith professional designteam more than 15experlence

lWith a professionainstallation team

lone stop service includingdesign manufacturesh moment installation andafter-sa le service

lFrom design, material usage, function, control method, Weapply full personalized service

l24 hours Response toatter-sales service

Deyi is a chinese lantern company from the branch of zigong lanternfestival. As the Chinese lantern supplier, we are committed to spreading Chinese traditional culture and sharing the lantern culture of hometown with friends from all over the world.

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