Commercial Supercapacitors

What is a super capacitor?

A ultra super capacitoris a new type of energy storage device, different between a conventional capacitor and a rechargeable battery. Super capacitor, also known as electrochemical capacitors, electric double layer capacitors, gold capacitors, and farad capacitors, are electrochemical components that have been developed by polarized electrolytes since the 1970s and 1980s.

How does a supercapacitor work?

Ultracapacitor mainly relies on the electric double layer and the redox tantalum capacitor to store electric energy. But there is no chemical reaction during storage. This energy storage process is reversible, and it is precisely because this super capacitor can be repeatedly charged and discharged hundreds of thousands of times. Ultracapacitors release energy quickly at peak times, then store it quickly and capture excess energy.

Advantages of ultra capacitors

Ultracapacitors not only have the characteristics of fast charge and discharge of capacitor, but also has the characteristics of energy storage of battery.

As a powerful alternative energy resource, ultracapacitors are widely used in different industrial fields, such as smart meter, electronics, power grid and so on. The future applications of supercapacitor looks brilliant.

Kamcap has high-quality supercapacitor battery for sale. To knowdifferent types of supercapacitorsor if you want to buy supercapacitor battery, buy ultracapacitor online, please contact us via Our different types of supercapacitors can meet your different requirements.

Types of Supercapacitor for Sale

Coin Type Series


Coin Type Supercapacitor

Winding Type Series

3V Winding Type Series

Low ESR Winding Type Series


Winding Supercapacitor

Combined Type Series


Combined Supercapacitor

Module Series

MK Module Series


Module Supercapacitor

High Temperature Series


High Temperature Supercapacitor

Hybrid Capacitor Series


Hybrid Supercapacitor

Welcome to Buy Kamcap ultracapacitor

Kamcap is one of the leading super capacitor factoryin China. We supply high-quality ultracapacitors, including coin type supercapacitor, winding type supercapacitor, combined type supercap capacitor, module supercaps, high temperature supercap and hybrid capacitor. Kamcap is devoted to the research and development of ultracap and strictly control the ultracapacitor production. KAMCAP super capacitor, your best choice for supercapacitor!

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